Choose To See EP

by Similars

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"it's all about perspective"


released August 31, 2012

thank you to everyone and everything. all of us are what made any of this possible.




Similars Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: Drifter
the paper's drifting down the road
I cannot remember what you told me
and I don't care to think of it
lots of empty promises to hold me

all the time we spent inside
I should have known that you would always lie
we would speak of everything
affections were so heavenly I'd buy them

but little did you know, today
you sold yourself and I'll give you away
it's easy now to recognize
there was never wonder in your eyes

and all that I can do is wonder why
Track Name: Blinded By the Things I See
as the day fades into black I realize there's no turning back
as the moon comes from its shell it seems this life's a living hell

but who's to say (that's all they say)
it shouldn't be (it shouldn't be)
'cause after all (they've hit a wall)
I see the things I choose to see (choose to see)

as the day comes with the sun I think my life has just begun
looking to the sky I find I left all of the stars behind

but who's to say (they go away)
that's all there is (for one moment)
'cause after all (don't freeze and stall)
I live the life I choose to live
Track Name: Hide
Can you choose? 'Cause I don't know what to do about you.
There's a song; it's beautiful, but the beat is wrong.

The tide is going out as we come inside.
Can we find a place to stay that's safe to hide from the night?
The emptiness that begs to die.